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Publication numberDE60334080 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2003634080
Publication date21 Oct 2010
Filing date3 Mar 2003
Priority date7 Mar 2002
Also published asEP1483501A2, EP1483501B1, US6749399, US20030170123, US20050019163, WO2003076801A2, WO2003076801A3, WO2003076801B1
Publication number03634080, 2003634080, DE 60334080 D1, DE 60334080D1, DE-D1-60334080, DE03634080, DE2003634080, DE60334080 D1, DE60334080D1
InventorsWilliam E Heronemus
ApplicantOcean Wind Energy Systems Inc
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Methode von energiegewinnung aus windkraftanlagen mit mehreren rotoren Method of energy generation from wind turbines with multiple rotors translated from German
DE 60334080 D1
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International ClassificationF03D7/04, F03D1/02, F03D7/02, F03D11/04, F03D1/06, F03D11/00
Cooperative ClassificationF03D1/02, Y02E10/728, F03D80/70, F05B2240/912, F05B2240/40, F05B2240/9121, F03D80/30, F03D13/20, F05B2240/913, Y02E10/721
European ClassificationF03D11/00E, F03D11/04, F03D1/02, F03D11/00B