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Publication numberDE4208751 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19924208751
Publication date11 Nov 1993
Filing date20 Mar 1992
Priority date27 Feb 1992
Publication number19924208751, 924208751, DE 4208751 A1, DE 4208751A1, DE-A1-4208751, DE19924208751, DE4208751 A1, DE4208751A1, DE924208751
InventorsFritz Karl Hausser
ApplicantFritz Karl Hausser
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Reducing resistance to aerofoil or hydrofoil passing through medium e.g. air or water - uses array of teeth formed on leading and/or trailing edge of aerofoil or hydrofoil section
DE 4208751 A1
The teeth on the leading edge of an aero/hydrofoil section ensures a smooth flow of the air/water over the section. The teeth on the trailing edge prevent the formation of eddies or turbulence. The shape, length, width, spacing and alignment of the teeth, as well as the number of rows of teeth, will depend on the size and speed of the section through the air/water. USE - Teeth on leading and trailing edge are used on rotors for jet motors and ventilator fans, and on boats and aircraft to reduce fluid flow resistance.
Claims(1)  translated from German
  1. Oberbegriff: Preamble:
    Gezahnte Fronten, Kanten oder Ränder von Körpern. Serrated fronts, edges or edges of bodies.
    Kennzeichnender Teil: Signing part:
    Vordere und/oder hintere gezahnte Rand eines Körpers zur Verringerung des Wasser- bzw. Luftwiderstandes. Front and / or rear toothed edge of a body for reducing the water or air resistance.
Description  translated from German
Titel Title

Gezahnte Fronten, Kanten oder Ränder von Körpern die mit dem selben Prinzip arbeiten wie die im Antrag P 42 06 066.4. Serrated fronts, edges or edges of bodies that work with the same principle as in the application P 42 06 066.4.

Stand der Technik State of the art

Rotoren von Jet-Antriebswerke, Ventilatoren, Boote, Flugzeuge, etc. haben gerade Kanten. Rotors of jet propulsion thrusters, fans, boats, airplanes, etc. have straight edges.

Problem Problem

Der angegebenen Erfindung liegt das Problem zugrunde, den Wasser- bzw. Luftwiderstand bei obengenannten Körpern zu vermindern. The specified invention is to reduce the water or air resistance at the above-mentioned objects the problem.

Erzielbare Vorteile Achievable benefits

Die mit der Erfindung erzielten Vorteile bestehen insbesondere darin, daß der vordere gezahnte Rand eines Körpers die Luft oder Wasser sanfter schneidet und/oder der hintere gezahnte Rand die Wirbelbildung herabsetzt. The advantages achieved by the invention are in particular that the front serrated edge of a body of air or water softer cuts and / or the rear serrated edge reduces the formation of vortices. Dadurch wird die Leistung deutlich verbessert. Thus, performance is significantly improved. Form, Länge, Breite, Abstand und Ausrichtung der Zähne sowie die Anzahl der Zahnreihen hängt von der Größe und Geschwindigkeit des Körpers ab. Shape, length, width, spacing, and orientation of the teeth as well as the number of rows of teeth will depend on the size and speed of the body.

Ausführungsbeispiel Embodiment

Ein Ausführungsbeispiel der Erfindung ist in den Zeichnungen von den Anträgen P 42 06 066.4 und P 42 08 751.1 dargestellt. An embodiment of the invention is illustrated in the drawings of the applications P 42 06 066.4 and P 42 08 751.1.

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International ClassificationB64C21/02, B64C3/14, B63H1/26
Cooperative ClassificationB64C2230/20, B64C3/14, Y02T50/166, B64C2003/146, B64C21/02, B63H1/26
European ClassificationB64C3/14, B64C21/02, B63H1/26
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11 Nov 1993AFIs addition to no.
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Ref document number: 4206066
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11 Nov 1993OR8Request for search as to paragraph 43 lit. 1 sentence 1 patent law
16 Dec 19938105Search report available
11 Jul 19968131Rejection