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Publication numberDE2950572 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19792950572
Publication date19 Jun 1981
Filing date15 Dec 1979
Priority date15 Dec 1979
Publication number19792950572, 792950572, DE 2950572 A1, DE 2950572A1, DE-A1-2950572, DE19792950572, DE2950572 A1, DE2950572A1, DE792950572
InventorsHeinz Wenz, Karl-Rainer Anton
ApplicantHeinz Wenz
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Fluid-driven or driving rotor - has blade surface formed as band wound around imaginary torus or helical or spiral cylinder
DE 2950572 A1
The rotor is intended for propelling a fluid or being driven by fluid flow. It consists of a surface (z) which is first twisted (n) about its longitudinal centre line to form a helical band on the outer surface of an imaginary cylinder. After this, the band is formed such (m) that the central axis of this cylinder forms a circle, a helix or a spiral about the centre line (R) of the rotor. When formed (m) into a circle, Moebius-ring fashion, this circle preferably lies in a plane at right angles to the rotor axis, and the ends of the band (i.e at the two ends of the imaginary cylinder) are connected (i.e the band is wound around an imaginary torus). When provided with an armature winding the rotor may be used in a turbo-generator or a turbo-compressor.
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International ClassificationF01D1/34, F04D29/32, F01D5/14, F03D1/06, F04D29/18
Cooperative ClassificationF05D2240/243, F03D1/0608, Y02E10/721, F04D29/32, Y02T50/673, F01D1/34, F04D29/181, F01D5/141, F05B2240/243, F05B2250/25
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Legal Events
17 Feb 19838139Disposal/non-payment of the annual fee