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Publication numberDE2739297 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19772739297
Publication date2 Mar 1978
Filing date31 Aug 1977
Priority date31 Aug 1976
Publication number19772739297, 772739297, DE 2739297 A1, DE 2739297A1, DE-A1-2739297, DE19772739297, DE2739297 A1, DE2739297A1, DE772739297
InventorsPieter Klaas Prof Noordenbos, Van T Hul Franciscus Al Roelof, Bernardus Johannes Bellers, Dirk Jan De Groot
ApplicantStichting Energie
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Rotary wind powered engine - has automatically varying blade pitch angle and additional pivot for blade tilt
DE 2739297 A1
The rotary fluid flow engine, partic. wind powered, with automatically varying blade pitch angle comprises a hub (2) free to rotate on a shaft (3) carrying one or more blades (1), mounted so that pitch variation is effected automatically by centrifugal/aerodynamic forces. The mounting includes a pivot (4) lying in the plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation (3) but inclined at an angle (gamma), pref. acute, to the line (5, b1) of the blade axis with the blade upright. Pitch change is therefore accompanied by angular movement (beta) away from the upright; limiting stops are embodied in the hub.
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International ClassificationF03D7/02, F03D1/00, F03D7/04
Cooperative ClassificationY02E10/723, Y02E10/721, F05B2260/74, F05B2260/78, F05B2260/77, F05B2260/79, F05B2260/75, F03D7/0224
European ClassificationF03D7/02D2
Legal Events
26 Jun 1980OHJNon-payment of the annual fee