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Publication numberDE2725221 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19772725221
Publication date21 Dec 1978
Filing date3 Jun 1977
Priority date3 Jun 1977
Publication number19772725221, 772725221, DE 2725221 A1, DE 2725221A1, DE-A1-2725221, DE19772725221, DE2725221 A1, DE2725221A1, DE772725221
InventorsKlaus Katzschke
ApplicantKlaus Katzschke
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Articulated wing system with adjustable V=position - uses several individual wings of arbitrary shape in hinged connection
DE 2725221 A1
The wing system can assume a variable V-position and consists of several individual wings hinged together. The angle (5) between the individual wings can be changed by an axial hinge coupling. The hinged connection of the individual wings can be mounted at any arbitrary wing points, possible using suitable bearings. Thus the wings can also cross each other in a scissors-like manner.
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International ClassificationB64C39/06, B64C27/32, B64C11/16
Cooperative ClassificationB64C27/32, B64C11/16, B64C39/068
European ClassificationB64C39/06D, B64C11/16, B64C27/32
Legal Events
8 Feb 1979OFWillingness to grant licenses before publication of examined application
16 Jun 19828127New person/name/address of the applicant
26 Apr 19848139Disposal/non-payment of the annual fee