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Publication numberCN101321949 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 200680045596
PCT numberPCT/DK2006/000689
Publication date10 Dec 2008
Filing date5 Dec 2006
Priority date5 Dec 2005
Also published asCA2631416A1, CN101321949B, EP1963671A1, EP1963671B1, US20090285691, WO2007065434A1
Publication number200680045596.0, CN 101321949 A, CN 101321949A, CN 200680045596, CN-A-101321949, CN101321949 A, CN101321949A, CN200680045596, CN200680045596.0, PCT/2006/689, PCT/DK/2006/000689, PCT/DK/2006/00689, PCT/DK/6/000689, PCT/DK/6/00689, PCT/DK2006/000689, PCT/DK2006/00689, PCT/DK2006000689, PCT/DK200600689, PCT/DK6/000689, PCT/DK6/00689, PCT/DK6000689, PCT/DK600689
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Blade for a wind turbine rotor
CN 101321949 A
The present invention relates to a blade (1) for a wind turbine rotor having a substantially horizontal rotor shaft. The rotor comprises a hub and comprises a root area (2) closest to the hub, an airfoil area (4) furthest away from the hub and a transition area (3) between the root area (2) and the airfoil area (4) seen in a longitudinal direction along a longitudinal axis (10). Seen in a transverse direction, the blade (1) comprises a leading edge (5) and a trailing edge (6) as well as a chord plane (K) extending between the leading edge (5) and the trailing edge (6) of the blade (1). A surface zone with a plurality of indentations (7) and/or protrusions is provided in at least the root area (2). The indentations (7) and/or protrusions are formed with a certain dimension thereby improving the wind flow across the surface of the blade (1).
Claims(14)  translated from Chinese
1、一种用于具有大致水平的转子轴的风力涡轮机转子的叶片(1),所述转子包括毂,在该处,在沿着纵向轴线(10)的纵向内看去,所述叶片(1)包括最接近所述毂的根部区域(2)、最远离毂的翼面区域(4)和在所述根部区域(2)和所述翼面区域(4)之间可选的过渡区域(3),且在该处,如在横向内看去,所述叶片(1)包括前缘(5)和后缘(6)以及在所述叶片(1)的所述前缘(5)和所述后缘(6)之间延伸的弦平面(K),其特征在于,带有多个凹痕(7)和/或突起的表面区域被设置在至少所述根部区域(2)中,所述凹痕和/或突起成形且具有一定尺度从而改进越过所述叶片(1)的表面的风流动。 A wind turbine rotor blade 1, for a rotor having a substantially horizontal axis (1), said rotor comprising a hub, where, in the longitudinal axis (10) viewed in the longitudinal direction of the blade ( 1) comprises a root area closest to the hub (2), farthest from the hub of the airfoil area (4) and in the root region (2) and the airfoil region optionally (4) between the transition region (3), and where, as viewed in the transverse direction of the blade (1) including a leading edge (5) and a trailing edge (6) and the leading edge of the blade (1) (5) and the trailing edge (6) chord plane (K) extending between, characterized in that, (7) and / or surface area with a plurality of indentations projections are provided on at least the root region (2) the dents and / or bulging and has a certain scale in order to improve air flow across the blade (1) surface.
2、 :H5U'虔求1所述的叶片,*#机在于,在所述叶片(1)的纵向内的表面区域^Jt沿所述才艮郎区域(2)的#^^伸。 2,: H5U 'Qian seek blade 1, * # machine that longitudinal surface area within the blade (1) ^ Jt was along the Burgundy region Lang (2) # ^^ stretch.
3、 械矛决求1或2所述的叶片,其特絲于,所述根部区域(2 )具有:Ut圓形的横栽面。 3, mechanical spear must seek blade 1 or 2, which Walters in the root zone (2) having: Ut circular cross planted surface.
4、 :H5U'虔求1到3任一项所述的叶片,其特征在于,所ii^面区域包括第一区域部分(8)和第二区域部分(9),在一定角度方向内看去,其中第一区域郎分(8 )和笫二区域部分(9 )分别至少从30度延伸到150度以及从-30 度延伸到—150度,或者分别从60度延伸到135度以M- 60度延伸到—135 度,或者分别从60度延伸到120度以及从-60度延伸到-120度,在该处vMJ^ 向轴线(10)到前缘(5)的线^Ul义为0度,_^^向轴线(10)到后缘(6) 的线被定义为180度。 4,: H5U 'Qian request any one of claims 1 to 3 blades, characterized in that the surface region ii ^ includes a first area portion (8) and a second area portion (9), viewed in the direction at an angle go, wherein the first region Lang points (8) and a second region Zi part (9), respectively, extending at least from 30 degrees to 150 degrees and extends from -30 degrees to -150 degrees, or 60 degrees respectively extending from M to 135 degrees - 60 degrees to -135 degrees extend, or extend from 60 degrees to 120 degrees and extends from -60 degrees to -120 degrees, where vMJ ^ to the axis (10) to the leading edge (5) of the line ^ Ul justice is 0 degrees, the axial ^^ _ (10) to the trailing edge (6) of the line is defined as 180 degrees.
5、 :h3l矛虔求2到4任一项所述的叶片,其特征在于,所ii4面区域延伸i4x^斤iiit;度区域(3)。 5,: h3l spear blade Qian to seek one of the four in any 2, characterized in that the surface area extending ii4 i4x ^ pounds iiit; degree area (3).
6、 W矛j^求4或5所述的叶片,其特征在于,在所述1>度区域(3)内的所述第一区域部分(8 )和所述第二区域部分(9 )围绕横向于所述弦平面(K) 的点进4亍定位,在该处所述过渡区域(3 )的所述轮廓具有最大厚度。 6, W j spear blade 4 or 5 wherein the ^ request, wherein, in the 1 > portion of the area of the first region (3) (8) and said second area portion (9 ) around transverse to the chord plane (K) of the right foot 4 into the positioning point, where the profile of the transition region (3) having a maximum thickness.
7、 械矛虔求5或6所述的叶片,^#絲于,最接i^斤ii^:位的所述翼面区域(4)的至少1分具有多个凹痕(7)和/或^。 7, mechanical spear Qian seek blade 5 or 6 ^ # wire in, the closest i ^ pounds ii ^: bits of the airfoil region (4) having a plurality of dimples at least one point (7) and / or ^.
8、 如前i^U,虔求的^^项所述的叶片,^HiE^于,所ii4面区域包括多个U均一的凹痕(7)或^。 8. ago i ^ U, leaves Qian said ^^ term demand of, ^ HiE ^ in, the ii4 uniform surface area comprises a plurality of U dents (7) or ^.
9、 如前i^5L矛虔求的^项所述的叶片,其特征在于,所*面区域包括多个;^圓形的、凹入的凹痕。 9, items such as the front blade ^ i ^ 5L spear seeking Qian, characterized in that the surface region comprises a plurality *; ^ circular, concave indentations.
10、 如前i^K利要求的^—项所述的叶片,其特M于,所ii^面区域包括多个六边形凹痕。 10. ^ i ^ K before the claims - blade claim, in its special M in, the ii ^ surface area comprises a plurality of hexagonal indentations.
11、 如前i^'J要求的fr"项所述的叶片,^#絲于,所述凹痕(7)和/或突起具有2到100亳米、3到50毫M 4到20毫米的宽度以及1到20毫米、 1到10毫M 1到5毫米的'l变。 Blade 11, as previously i ^ 'J requirement fr "of the item, ^ # wire in said indentations (7) and / or projections having from 2 to 100 millimeters, 3-50 mM M 4 到 20 毫米The width of 1-20 mm, 1-10 mM M 1 到 5 mm, 'l changed.
12、 如前it^利要求的^r^项所述的叶片,*#絲于,所述凹痕(7)在所述叶片(1)的表面上凹进。 12, as the claims before it ^ ^ r ^ blade according to item * # wire in said indentations (7) recessed on the surface of the blade (1).
13、 如权禾'J^求1到11的f项所述的叶片,^#絲于,所述凹痕(7 ) 和/或突^A诸如带或薄膜的遮盖物的一部分,所i^A物设置在所述叶片的表面上。 ^ Part of the blade as described in item 13 Right f Wo 'J ^ seeking a # 1-11 thread to the dents (7) and / or sudden ^ A film such as tape or covering of the i ^ A was provided on the blade surface.
14、 一种用于M叶片表面的薄膜,所述薄膜具有适于例如借助于粘合而紧固到所述叶片所ii^面的第一面、且具有当所i^膜被紧固到所述叶片上时朝向远离所述叶片所ii^面的第二面,其特征在于,所i^膜的所述第二面具有多个四#/或^。 14. A thin film of M for the blade surface, the film having, for example by means of an adhesive suited ii fastened to said first side surface of the blade ^, and having i ^ when the membrane is secured to the facing away from the blade when the blade above the ii ^ second side surface, characterized in that the second film of the i ^ surface having a plurality of four # / or ^.
Description  translated from Chinese

用于风力涡轮W^的叶片技术领域本发明涉及用于具有;Ut水平的转子轴的风力涡轮WH^的叶片,所述转子包括毂,在该处,在沿着纵向轴线的纵向内看去,所述叶片包^^接ii^斤述毂的才艮部区域、最远离毂的翼面区域和在所述根部区#所述翼面区域之间可选的itj度区域,JL^该处,如>^躺内看去,所述叶片包括前^后缘以;Mt所述叶片的所述前^所iiJ^緣t间延伸的弦平面。 TECHNICAL FIELD W ^ for a wind turbine blade of the present invention relates to having; Ut level wind turbine rotor shaft WH ^ blades, said rotor comprising a hub, where, in the longitudinal direction as viewed along the longitudinal axis , then only the blade pack ^^ ii ^ pounds Burgundy region of said hub, farthest from the hub of the airfoil region between the root region and the airfoil region # optional itj degree area, JL ^ the places such as> ^ lie within and looked after the blade includes a front edge to ^; the blade before the Mt iiJ ^ ^ the chord plane extending between the edge of the t. 背景技术理想情况下,翼型的叶片形如典型的飞^*翼,其中随着到所i^:的距离的减少,所述叶片的弦平面^1及其一阶导数持续增加。 Background Art Ideally, the blade airfoil shaped like a typical fly ^ * wing, which along with the the i ^: reducing the distance ^ chord plane of the blade 1 and its first order derivative continues to increase. ii导致叶片在理想情况下在所述毂的附近是相当宽的。 ii ideally lead blade near the hub is rather broad. 这在必须将所述叶片安装到所i^jLh时再一次导致出现若干问题,而J^E所述叶片安装好时由于所述叶片的表面面积教大从而会引起较大的栽^i者如KJ^荷。 This is necessary when the blade is mounted to the i ^ jLh again cause some problems, but J ^ E of the surface area of the blades due to teach large which will result in larger plant ^ i by the blade installed As KJ ^ Council. 因此,多年来,叶片的构造已经朝着一种形^L艮,即:所述叶片包^ 接i^斤述毂的根部区域、最远离所#的翼面区域和介于所述根部区域与翼面区域之间的过5度区域。 Thus, over the years, construction has been moving in a blade form ^ L Burgundy, namely: take the blade package ^ i ^ jin said the root hub of the region, farthest from the # of airfoil region and between the root area airfoil area between the region and more than 5 degrees. 所ii^面区域具有理想的或近乎理想的叶片形状,而另一方面所述根部区域具有过圆形的横截面从而减小了g载荷并使得将叶片安装到所ii^上更为容易且更安全。 Ii ^ The surface area has an ideal or almost ideal blade shape, whereas the root region on the other hand has had a circular cross-section so as to reduce the load and g such that the blade is mounted to the upper and easier ii ^ safer. 所述根部区域的直径优选地沿着整个根部区J^Il恒定的。 Preferably, the diameter of the root region of the root along the entire constant region J ^ Il. 由于所述圆形横截面,因此所述根部区域无助于所iiX力涡轮机的生产,而且,事实上,由于存在风阻力而使产量略为降低。 Due to the circular cross-section, and therefore it does not contribute to the root region of the turbine iiX production, and, in fact, due to wind resistance in the yield slightly decreased. 正如其名称所暗示的,所述^^渡区域具有>^^斤述根部区域的圆形形;{^新变为所述翼面区域的翼面轮廓的形状。 As its name implies, the transition region has ^^> ^ ^ jin said circular-shaped root region; {^ new shape into the airfoil region of the airfoil profile. 通常,所述过渡区域的宽度随着到所述毂的距离的增加而过线'fei^加。 Typically, the width of the transition region to increase with the distance from the hub over the line 'fei ^ plus. 在高尔夫领域中,A^斤4^p的是,带凹痕(所谓的凹坑)的高尔夫球能够比具有^Jf表面的高尔夫J^飞得更远。 In the golf field, A ^ 4 ^ p pounds is indented (so-called pits) golf will be better than having a surface ^ J ^ Jf golf fly farther. il是由于所述高尔夫來g飞^^空时经受的空气动力学风阻力的减少。 il is to reduce due to the golf ^^ g fly empty when subjected to aerodynamic wind resistance. 所述高尔夫球受到两种类型的风阻力。 There were two types of the golf wind resistance. 所述第一种类型是由于在所iW移动通过空气时所受到的摩擦力,但摩擦力仅^释了所述高尔夫J^经受的总的风阻力的一小部分的原因。 The first type is due to the air moving through the iW suffered friction, but the reason for releasing the friction ^ only a small part of the overall golf J ^ withstand wind resistance. 所逸吼阻力的主JNP分归因于所ii^后方气流的分离,这被称为由于分离导致产生的压力损失.所述高尔夫球后方的分离间隙越大,所述高尔夫球后方的所述压力损M 大。 The roar of resistance Yi main JNP points due to the separation of the ii ^ rear airflow, which is known to generate a pressure loss due to the separation of the greater separation gap behind the golf ball, the golf ball behind the M large pressure loss. 因而,在所*的前面和后面之间的压差增加,且因此所述高尔夫经受的所^阻力H^t加。 Thus, the pressure difference between the front and rear of the * increases, and thus being subjected to the golf ^ H ^ t plus resistance. 在层流气^t^ii^i体的情况下,在所述高尔夫^方的分离间隙相当大,而所述分离间隙对于湍流气流而言则M地较小。 In the case of laminar flow air ^ t ^ ii ^ i body at the side of the golf ^ separation gap is quite large, and the separation gap is smaller M to terms for turbulent air flow. 因此,高尔夫i^具有凹坑, 这导致围绕所述高尔夫球的气流^^流状向湍流狀变化,这还使得气流在所述高尔夫^面上的时间更长,并减小了在所述高尔夫來昏方的分离间隙.发明内容本发明的目的A^风力涡4^^叶片^^新的和改进的构造。 Thus, having dimples golf i ^, which results in airflow around the golf ball to form turbulent flow ^^ shape change, which also enables the air flow in the surface of the golf ^ longer time, and reduces the A golf aim to faint square separation gap of the present invention, a wind eddy 4 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ new and improved blade configuration. 才娥本发明,此目的是通过具有设置在至少所述根部区域内的若干凹絲/ 或^的表面区域而达到的,所述凹痕和/或^^形且具有一^x寸以改^it^斤述叶片的表面的风流动,即,减小在4H"旋转期间所述叶片的后^方(或根部区域)的分离间隙。因而利用了由所述高尔夫球关于产生湍流气流而4f^p的原理。这样,所述才艮部部分的空气动力学空气阻力减小,由此4^RL力渴轮机的产量增加和所述叶片上的Ki^荷减小。iliL其是适用于特别宽大的叶片和带有fe^伸件(hub extender)的叶片。M地,所ii^面区域包括大量的凹#/或汰自也,所述叶片M形为由纤维增强聚合物制成的壳体。才緣本发明的叶片的一个M实施例,所述的表面区域^沿所述根部区域的整^H^1^伸。因而,所述空气阻力沿所述根部区域的整^L度减小。净N&—个适当的实施例,所述根部区域具有;Ut圆形横截面。这样, 易将所述叶片锚定到所i^Ji。根据一*定的实施例,所*面区域包括第一区部分和第二区域部分, 沿一定角度方向看去,在该处第一和第二区域部分分别至少从30度延伸到150 度、以A^-30度延伸到-150度,或者分别从60度延伸到135度、以;S^-60>1^伸到-135度,或者分别从60>1^伸到120度、以A^-60度延伸到一120度,在该处皿向轴线到前缘的线^^1义为0度,_&^^向轴线到后缘的线被定义为180度(或-180度)。然而,所述凹#^/或突起可以沿整个角>1^ 向名卩布,即,从一180;^到一180度'相对于纵向轴线的0度可以基于由所述根部区域经受的生;W向进行定义。因为生成风向是实际Kii和所述叶片局部逸变的累加矢量,因此所述第一和所述第二区域部分的最佳位置取决于到毂的距离。因而,所述两个区域部分的位置可以用同样方式沿纵向被扭曲。叶片的所述弦平面经常沿所述叶片的纵向^t扭曲。才娥本发明的一个特定实施例,所i^面区域延伸i4x^斤述it;度区域。特别是,所錄面区域至少延伸i^/v^:接近所錄的所述it;度区域,且^fi^大致沿所iiit)度区域的所述整个纵向进行延伸。才|1#~",选实施例,所^面区域仅沿着所述叶片半径的内部的50%、 或35%、或20%、或10%进行延伸。 E was present invention, this object is achieved by a surface area having a plurality of concave wire disposed within at least the root region and / or ^ rather to achieve, the dents and / or ^ ^ ^ x-shaped and has a inch to change ^ it ^ jin air flow surface of said blade, i.e., reduced in 4H "during rotation of the blade ^ rear side (or the root region) of the separation gap. Thus by the use of the golf ball on the air flow and creating turbulence Principle 4f ^ p Thus, the only portion of the aerodynamic resistance of the air is reduced Burgundy, whereby 4 ^ RL turbine power production increased thirst and Ki ^ reduced load on the blade which is applicable .iliL in particular, with broad leaves and fe ^ extending pieces (hub extender) .M blade, the surface area of the ii ^ # include a large number of concave / or eliminating the self also, the M-shaped blades made of fiber-reinforced polymer by into the whole housing before the edge of the blade of the present invention, an M embodiment, the surface area of the root region of ^ along the entire stretch ^ H ^ 1 ^. Thus, the air resistance along the root region ^ L of reducing the net N & - a suitable embodiment, the root region has;... Ut circular cross-section so that the blade will easily anchored to the i ^ Ji * according to a given embodiment, * The surface region comprises a portion of the first region and the second region portion, viewed along the direction of a certain angle, where the first and second regions, respectively, at least a portion extending from 30 degrees to 150 degrees, to A ^ -30 degrees to extend -150 degrees, or extend from 60 to 135 degrees to; S ^ -60> 1 ^ extends -135 degrees, respectively, from 60 or> 1 ^ extends 120 degrees to extend A ^ -60 degrees to a 120 degrees, where the dish to the axis of the leading edge of the line ^ ^ 1 is defined as 0 degrees to the axis _ & ^^ to the trailing edge of the line is defined as 180 degrees (or -180 degrees). However, the concave # ^ / or protrusions along the entire angle of> 1 ^ to name Jie cloth, namely, from a 180; ^ to a 180 degrees' with respect to the longitudinal axis of 0 degrees may be based on the root area experienced by the students; W to be defined Because wind generation is the accumulation vector and the blade actual Kii local Yi change, so the first and the best position of the second part of the area depends on the distance of the hub. Thus, part of the two regions The position can be twisted along the longitudinal direction in the same manner the chord plane of the blade along the blade longitudinal often ^ t E was twisted one particular embodiment of the present invention, the surface area i ^ i4x ^ jin said extending it;. of Regional In particular, the recorded surface area extending at least i ^ / v ^: the recorded close it; degree area, and ^ fi ^ generally along the iiit) the degree of the entire longitudinal region extends only | 1. # ~ "alternative embodiments, the ^ along only 50% of the surface area of the inside radius of the blade, or 35%, or 20%, or 10% extends. 才Nt—个适当的实施例,在所述1>度区域中的所述笫一区域部#所絲二区域部分围,向于所述弦平面的点进行定位,在该处所述it;度区域的所述轮廓具有最W度。 Only Nt- a suitable embodiment, in the 1 > of the region in the undertaking of a regional section # section of the wire around the second region, to the chord plane to locate the point, where it said it ; the profile of the region with the most W degrees. 才MH—个备泽实施例,最接^^斤#并因而经受了最低的生^的所述翼面区域的至少""^t^具有多个凹#/或^。 Only MH- a backup Ze embodiment, the closest ^^ pounds # and thus subjected to the lowest raw ^ of the wing surface area of at least" "^ t ^ # having a plurality of concave / or ^. 才^"~个^#实施例,多个凹#/或突起仅被设置在所述根部区域中.才娥按照本发明的所述叶片的一^i^实施例,所W面区域包括多个大致均一的凹M^。根椐一个棒别俗l的实施例,所i^面区域包括多个;Ut圆形的、凹入的凹痕。i^t应于高尔夫^Ui的凹坑。所述表面区域也可以包括多个六边形凹痕,其允itift—步减小空气阻力。 当然,所i^面区域也可以包括具有M形状的、诸如任意多边形的若干凹痕或^的组合。jHW卜,所述凹#/或突起可具有不同的尺寸。可根提所述叶片的局部i^! 选择所述尺寸,这可能意味着例如:若干凹痕的各自面积和^/高度随着到所*的增加的5巨离而增加。所述凹#/或突起可以根据预定的图案进^&置,备择地,所述凹痕和/ 或^的相互位置可以是随机的。才W^错定实施例,所述凹#/或突起具有2-100毫米,3-50毫米或4-20毫米的狄和1-20毫米、l-10毫iMU-5毫米的狄。才^本发明的一个M实施例,所述凹泉在所述,叶片的所^面上凹进。 因而,所&面结构可以在所述叶片的模制过程期间形成。^#地,所述凹#/或突起可以是一种1^物(诸如带或膜)的一部分,其设置在所述叶片的所#面上。这允^Ht助于现有的模具制造叶片,且在已^^制所述叶片^将所m盖物首先供应到所述叶片的所a面。,本发明,本目的Mil^于i^叶片的所^^面的薄膜或箔片ii^, 所述薄膜或箔片具有适于例如借助于粘合而紧固到所述叶片所^面的第一面、且具有当所ii^膜被紧固到所述叶片时朝向远离所述叶片所^面的第二面,在该处所ii^膜的所述第二面具有多个凹翻口/或^。附图说明通it^附图中所示的若干实施例而在下面对本发明更^^地加以解释,其中:图1示出了所it^型的一种理想叶片的顶视图, 图2示出了所ii^型的一种常规叶片的立体it^L图,和图3a和3b示出了分别在一个3^球^^Ji和4^面上具有若干凹痕的一个球^Ji的气流,图4示出了相魂本发明的一个叶片的第一实施例,图5示出了穿过才娥本发明的一个叶片的第二实施例的所述根部区域的横截面视图,和图6示出了穿过4緣本发明的一个叶片的第二实施例的所iiit^度区域的横截面一见图。具体实施方式图1示出了所^型的一种理想叶片101的一个实施例。所述叶片具有适于固定到风力涡轮机的毂上的根部部分102。所ii3S想叶片IOI被设计为使得所述叶片101的所述^1絲到所*的距离L的增加而减小。 It ^ "~ a ^ # embodiments, a plurality of recesses # / or projections are provided only in the root area. E until the blade according to the present invention a ^ i ^ embodiment, the surface region includes a plurality of W a substantially uniform concave M ^ embodiment noted in a vulgar l do not stick, and the surface area comprises a plurality of i ^;. Ut circular, concave dent .i ^ t ^ Ui of golf should be in the pits . The surface area may also include a plurality of hexagonal dimples, which allows itift- further reduce air resistance. Of course, the i ^ surface area may also include a M shape, such as a number of dents or freeform ^ combination .jHW Bu, said recess # / or projections may have different sizes may provide a partial root ^ i of the selection of the size of the blade, which could mean, for example:! each area and a plurality of dents ^ / * As to the height increased from 5 huge increase. The concave # / or projections may enter ^ & set according to a predetermined pattern, alternative, said dents and / or mutual position ^ can be random. W ^ wrong only given embodiment, the concave # / or projections having 2-100 mm, 3-50 mm or 4-20 mm and 1-20 mm Di, l-10 mM iMU-5 mm Di. ^ only one M of the present embodiment of the invention, the recess in the springs, the blades being recessed surfaces ^. Thus, the surface structure can be & blade during the molding process is formed to ^ # said concave # / or projections may be a 1 ^ thereof (such as a tape or film) as part of the # surface disposed in the blade. This allows ^ Ht means of conventional mold manufacturing blades, and the blade has been manufactured ^^ ^ m to the cover material first being supplied to a surface of the blade. The present invention, this object Mil ^ i ^ in the film or foil blade surface ^^ ii ^, The film or foil, for example by means of a suitable adhesive having fastened to the blade surface of the ^ first surface, and having ii ^ when the film is fastened to the blade facing away from the blades ^ the second side surface, where the ii ^ second surface of the membrane having a plurality of recesses turned mouth / or ^. BRIEF DESCRIPTION pass it ^ several embodiments shown in the drawings and the lower face of the present invention is more ^ ^ to be explained, in which: Figure 1 shows a top view of an ideal as it leaves ^ type, Figure 2 shows a perspective view of a conventional blade type it as ii ^ ^ L, and Fig. 3a and 3b shows each ball in a 3 ^ 4 ^ ^^ Ji and a spherical surface having a plurality of dimples ^ Ji flow, Figure 4 shows a first embodiment of a blade with the soul of the invention, FIG. 5 It shows a cross-sectional view through only one blade of the present invention E of the root zone of the second embodiment, and Figure 6 shows a second embodiment of a blade 4 through the edge of the present invention being iiit ^ a cross-sectional area of the Figure. DETAILED DESCRIPTION Figure 1 shows an embodiment of an ideal blade 101 of the type in Example ^. The blades having a hub adapted to be fixed to the base of the wind turbine on the portion 102. The blade ii3S want IOI is designed such that the blade 101 ^ 1 of the yarn to increase the distance L * decreases. 另外,所描述的叶片101的所述狄的一阶导数也絲到所: 101的距离的增加而减小,这意味着,在理想情况下,所述叶片101在所述根部区域102处非常宽。 Additionally, the first order derivative Di described blade 101 to the wire also : increasing distance 101 decreases, which means that in the ideal case, the blade 101 102 in the root area Very wide. 这导致对于将所述叶片101固定到所ii^h而言产生針问题。 This leads to the blade 101 is fixed to the needle ii ^ h in terms of generating problems. W卜,在安装时,由于叶片101的宽大表面面积,所述叶片101用大Kj^载荷沖击所i^L因此,多年来,叶片的构造已经朝着一种形^艮,即:所述叶片的外面部分对应于所ii^想的叶片101,而所述根部区域的表面区域与理想的叶片相比^减小。 W BU, during installation, because the large surface area of the blade 101, the blade 101 with a large load shocks Kj ^ i ^ L Thus, over the years, construction has been moving in a blade form ^ Burgundy, namely: the Compared to the outer part of said blade corresponding to the blade 101 ii ^ think, and the surface area of the blade root and the ideal area ^ reduced. 此实施例用图1中的虚线图示,其透视图在图2中示出。 This example was illustrated by the dotted line in Figure 1, which shows a perspective view in Figure 2. 如图2可见,常规的叶片201包^^接i^斤組的根部区域202、离所述fe^L远的翼面区域204和^所述根部区域202和所述翼面区域204之间的过渡区域203。 Seen in FIG. 2, the conventional blade contact 201 packets ^^ i ^ root region group 202 pounds, between the fe ^ L away from the airfoil region 204 and ^ the root region and the airfoil region 202 204 The transition region 203. 所述叶片201包括:当所述叶片安彭iJ所ii^Ji时,朝向所述叶片201的旋转方向的前缘205、以及朝向与所述前缘205相反方向的后缘206。 The blade 201 comprises: the blade when the safety iJ ii ^ Ji Peng, the rotational direction of the blade 201 toward the leading edge 205 and a trailing edge toward the leading edge 205 and 206 in the opposite direction. 所述翼面区域204具有一种理想的或近乎理想的叶片形状,而另一方面所述才艮部区域202具有过圆形的滅面,这减小了KJ^载荷^H吏得将所述叶片201安装到所ii^Ji更为容易且更安全。 The airfoil region 204 has an ideal or almost ideal blade shape, while on the other hand the Burgundy region only 202 have been rounded off the surface, which reduces the load KJ ^ ^ H officials may bring the said blade 201 is mounted to the ii ^ Ji easier and safer. •&,所述根部区域202的直径沿所述整个根部区域202恒定。 • &, the diameter of the root region 202 along the entire root area 202 constant. 所述过渡区域203具有vMJ斤述根部区域202的圆形形状*变为所^面区域204的翼面轮廓的形状。 The transition region 203 has vMJ 202 pounds above the root region into the shape of a circular shape * airfoil contour of the surface area of 204 ^. 所述过渡区域203的t^NL^ 到所*的距离L的增加而^线'ti^加。 The transition area 203 t ^ NL ^ to increase the distance * L ^ line while 'ti ^ plus.

所ii^面区域204具有一种带有在所述叶片201的所i^前缘205和所ii^ 缘206之间延伸的弦平面K的翼型。 The surface area ii ^ 204 has an airfoil with a chord plane at the leading edge of the blade 201 205 and the i ^ ii ^ edge extending between 206 K's. 所述弦平面的f^随着到所i^t的距离L 的增加而减小。 F ^ to the chord plane with the increasing distance i ^ t L decreases. 应该注意到:所述弦平面不总是在其整个范围内笔JA艮,因为所述叶片可以被扭曲和/或弯曲,因而给所述弦平面提供相应扭曲和/或弯曲it^呈,i^最常见的情况以便4M尝取决于到所i^:的半径的所述叶片的局部速度。 It should be noted: the chord plane is not always pen Gen JA in its entire range, because the blade can be twisted and / or curved, and thus to provide the chord plane twisting and / or bending it ^ was, i local velocity of the blade radius: ^ The most common situation in order to 4M to taste depends on the i ^.

由于所述圓形横截面,所述根部区域202无助于所iiX力^^机的生产, 而且,事实上,由于风阻力而使产量略为降低。 Because of the circular cross-section, the root region does not contribute to the iiX 202 ^^ machines, the power, and, in fact, due to wind resistance in the yield slightly decreased.

图3a示出了经过^l体50的层流气流52,而图3b示出了经过带有若干凹坑的球体60的湍流气流62。 Figure 3a shows a ^ l through body 52 of laminar air flow 50, while Figure 3b shows a turbulent air flow through the sphere 60 with a plurality of recesses 62. 在层流气流52的情况下,在所ii^体50后方的分离间隙51相对较大。 In the case of laminar air flow 52 in the rear body 50 ii ^ separation gap 51 is relatively large. 因此,在所述球体后方存在较大的压降,且因而在所* 体5 0的前部和后^间的压差是相应较大的。 Therefore, there is a big drop in the sphere behind, and thus in the front portion and the * 50 ^ pressure differential between the respective large. 所it^差导致作用力作用在所述球体的所述后部上。 The difference led to it ^ force acting on the rear of the sphere. 在湍流气流62的情况下,在所述球体60后方的分离间隙61 a^,小,且因而介于所述球体60的所述前部和所ii^r部之间的压差M i^小,且因此朝所述球体的所i^部作用的力也是较小的。 In the case of turbulent air flow 62, the separation gap 60 behind the sphere 61 a ^, small, and thus the differential pressure between said M i of the sphere 60 and the front portion between the portion ii ^ r ^ small, and thus toward the sphere of action of the force ^ unit i is smaller.

为何例如高尔夫球具有带若干凹M所谓的凹坑的表面的原因是基于改变所ii^l的临界雷诺数的需要,所述临界雷诺数即在所述流动从层流变为瑞流条件下的数值。 The reason why, for example a so-called dimples golf with several concave M is based on the need to change the ii ^ l of the critical Reynolds number of the critical flow conditions for the Swiss Re that the flow from laminar flow value. 对于图3b中所示的一个光滑表面,所述临界雷诺数比高尔夫, 动通过空气时所达到的平均雷诺数高得多。 For the one shown in Figure 3b smooth surface, than the critical Reynolds number of golf, the average Reynolds number is much higher when moving through the air achieved.

对于具有经喷砂、处理表面的高尔夫球而言,其在临界雷诺数条降下风阻力的减小大于带若干凹坑的高尔夫球的情况。 For a by sandblasting, the surface of the golf ball in terms of treatment, in which the critical Reynolds number is lowered wind resistance of the strip with a plurality of pits is reduced more than the case of the golf ball. 但^_所1^阻力随着雷诺数的增加而增加。 However, the 1 ^ _ ^ resistance increases with increasing Reynolds number. 然而,带有若干凹坑的高尔夫球具有较低的临界雷诺数,JL^"于比所述临界雷"^数更高的雷^数而言,所述阻力A^t恒定的。 However, golf with several pits have a lower critical Reynolds number, JL ^ "to mine than the critical" ^ ^ higher in terms of the number of the number of mine said resistance A ^ t constant.

换句"^i兌,所述的若干凹痕确保了所述临界雷诺数的减小,这导致所述流 Other words "^ i against several dents ensures the decrease of the critical Reynolds number, which results in the flow

动比光滑球体情;X^E更低的m4Ht下变为湍流。 Smooth ball movement than love; in X ^ E lower m4Ht becomes turbulent. 这4吏得所述气流在 The four officials have said air flow

所述高尔夫^t的表面上的时间更长,这导致风阻力的减小。 The longer golf ^ t on the surface, which results in reduced wind resistance.

所錄面背后所基于的计划是才娥由高尔夫球e^^p的所ii^理,利用 Behind the face of the recorded program is based is only by a golf e ^^ p E of the ii ^ reason, the use of

此已>^效应,尤其是减小在所iiX力涡轮机叶片的那些部件的所逸RL阻力, This is> ^ effect, especially in the Plaza reduce resistance RL iiX those parts of the turbine blades,

在该处所ii叶片不具有理想的翼面轮廓。 Ii premises do not have the ideal blade airfoil profile.

图4示出才緣本发明的一^K片1,其中所述根部区域2和所iiit)度区域3 具有多个凹痕和/或^ 7。 Figure 4 illustrates the present invention, only the edge of a sheet 1 ^ K, wherein the root region 2 and the iiit) of the region having a plurality of indentations 3 and / or ^ 7. 下面,它们被称为凹痕或凹坑,但显而易见的是, 它们可以是凹AA凸起(即,狄)。 Below, they are referred to dents or pits, but it is clear that they may be concave AA projection (i.e., DI). 所述叶片1的翼面区域不具有凹痕。 Said blade airfoil region does not have a dent. 所述根部区域2沿^个纵向方向具有若干凹痕7,且所述凹痕7 ^己置为全部围绕所述圆形根部区域2。 ^ Along the root area 2 has a plurality of longitudinal direction of the indentations 7, and the dent 7 ^ has set all around the circular root region 2. 所述过渡区域3被描述为沿^个纵向方向具有若干凹痕。 The transition region 3 is described as a longitudinal direction along ^ has several dents. 然而,最重要的是,位于最接ii^斤述根部区域2处的所述过渡区域3 的戶斤述区域J"有^f凹痕7, i^l因为所述横戴面轮廓的逸泉示出了与所iiS想翼型的最大偏离。应该注意到:为清晰起见,单个图示出的凹痕7不是^M^L 比例进^^^】的站图中更大,且事实上它们通常絲地更小。 However, the most important is located closest ii ^ 2 pounds above the root region of the transition region 3 pounds households said region J "There ^ f dent 7, i ^ l because the cross-sectional profile of Dai Yi The spring shows a maximum deviation iiS want airfoil should be noted: For clarity, the individual is not illustrated dent 7 ^ M ^ L ^^^] proportion of stations into a larger figure, and the fact They are usually smaller on silk ground.

^i^,所述整个根部区域2在所述角度方向内具有^p凹坑7。 ^ I ^, the entire root area 2 in the angular direction having dimples 7 ^ p. 但是因为所述叶片的旋转方向相对于所iiX向(与高尔夫斜目反)被明确定义,将若干凹坑提供给第一区域部分8和第二区域部分9可以R以满足需要的。 But because the direction of rotation of the blade relative to the iiX clearly defined direction (oblique head golf trans), a plurality of dimples to the first region and a second region portion portion 8 R 9 can to meet the needs of. 所述区域部分8、 9可以如图5所示的配置。 Part of the region 8, 9 can be configured as shown in Figure 5. 从所述叶片1的所,向轴线10朝所述叶片的所述前缘5的线M义为具有0度的角度,而vM^斤述叶片1的所g 1 from the blades to the axis 10 toward the leading edge of the blade of the line M righteousness 5 having an angle of 0 degrees, while vM ^ jin said the blade 1 g

区域部分8 #角度w到角度a2的角度方向内延伸,而所述第二区域部分9从-a^'J-(X2的角度方向内延伸。>^i^,角度0^=30 "012=150度,但A^度af60 JLR a2=135度可以K以满足需要的,且甚至于角度af60 >OL a2=120 W # angle region portion 8 to the angular orientation angle a2 extends, and said second area portion 9 ^ 'J- (X2 direction within an angle extending from -a.> ^ I ^, 0 ^ = angle of 30 "012 = 150 degrees, but A ^ degree af60 JLR a2 = 135 K in order to meet the needs of the possible, and even angle af60> OL a2 = 120

^A以满;L需要的。 ^ A in full; L needed.

>^J^,在所述叶片1的所述前缘5和所i^缘6之间延伸的所述叶片的所述弦平面K被定向为其J!U^Lt成的局部风向。 > ^ J ^, is oriented for the leading edge of the blade of the blade 1, 5 and extending between the i ^ edge 6 of the chord plane K J! U ^ Lt into the local wind direction. 因为it取决于所i^叶片的所述局部歧,所述弦平面^i^Mt所述叶片1的所舰向方向L内扭曲。 Because it depends on the i ^ leaves the local differences, the chord plane ^ i ^ Mt said the ship in the direction of the inner blade 1 L twisted. 因而, 所述两个区域部分8、 9的所i^部位置也可以在所述叶片1的所iim向方向L 内扭曲。 Thus, the area of the two portions 8, 9, i ^ portion position can be in the blades in the direction L 1 iim within distortions.

图6示出了穿it^斤iiit;度区域3的剖面,其中所述轮廓的后缘6或多或少可以是钝的或截头的。 Figure 6 shows the wear it ^ pounds iiit; cross-section of the region 3 in which the rear edge 6 of the profile can be more or less obtuse or truncated. 在所图示的实施例中,所述凹痕7再次#^置在两个不同区域部分8、 9中。 In the embodiment illustrated, the indentations 7 # ^ again arranged in two different regions of portions 8, 9. ^i^,所述区域部分围^^j于所述弦平面K的点进行定位,在该处所述轮廓的厚度T最大'但^>在所述根部区域2中,所述凹痕7 ^^i^配置为全部围绕所iiit渡区域3、或至少从所述区域开始,其中所述轮廓的所i^f度T狄大的,始终高i^斤述叶片1的所it^缘6。 ^ I ^, part of the area around the plane K ^^ j at the point of the chord positioning, where the profile maximum thickness T 'but ^> 2 in the root area, the dent 7 ^^ i ^ configured iiit all around the crossing area 3, or at least from the beginning of the region in which the profile of the i ^ f T Di large degree, has always been high i ^ pounds of said blades it 1 ^ edge 6.

为清晰M,图5和图6中图示的所述凹痕7同样不是按比例进^^J的, 且^^目对于所述轮廓的所狄寸显著更小。 For clarity M, the dimples in Figures 5 and 6 the same is not illustrated to scale into 7 ^^ J, and the smaller the mesh ^^ contour by Di inch significant.

所述凹痕7M地形如圆形、凹入的凹痕,对应于高尔夫^l上的凹坑。 The dent 7M terrain such as circular, concave dents, dimples l ^ corresponds to golf on. 然而,它们可以另_三角形的、矩形的、六边形的或具有M其它多边形形状。 However, they may be separately _ triangular, rectangular, hexagonal or other polygonal shapes having M. 例如,六边形形状比圆形凹痕进一步减小了所iiX阻力。 For example, hexagonal shape than circular dent resistance is further reduced by iiX. 所述凹痕也可以具有变化的形状。 The indentations may also have varying shapes.

所述凹痕7也可以具有变化的尺寸。 The indentations 7 may have varying dimensions. M地,在所述叶片1的尺寸以;sj斤述叶片1所经受的m的M上选择所i^A寸。 M, in the size of the blade 1 to; i ^ A select inch sj said blade is subjected pounds of 1 m M on. 因为所述叶片1的局部逸变随着到所ii^的距离L的增加而增加,所述生成的局部凤速也随着到所i^t的距离的增加而增加。 Because of the local Yi blade 1 to the variable ii ^ with increasing distance L increases, the local velocity of the Phoenix generated along with the increase in the distance i ^ t increases. 因而可基于到所g的距离L选择所述凹痕7的尺寸。 Thus based on the distance L g select the dent size 7. 所述 The

凹痕7的相互位置可以在预定的图案^g&置或可以Al^机的, Dent mutual position 7 in a predetermined pattern ^ g & home or may be Al ^ machine

所述凹痕7可以在制i^斤述叶片1的过程中成形,即^^制过絲身期间。 The process can be made a dent 7 i ^ 1 kg of said blade forming system that is too ^^ body during wire.

它们也可以^jfc^制所述叶片^凹进。 They can also be made of the blade ^ jfc ^ ^ recess. 4#地,所述凹痕7通itl^用带有若 4 #, the dent 7 through itl ^ if used with

干凹痕的带或薄膜M所述叶片1的所*面而形成。 Dry pits with the blade or the film M * surface 1 is formed.

减小在所逸RL力渴轮机的塔上的所述X^^荷、而同时减小在所逸RL力涡 RL reduced in the Plaza tower turbine power thirsty the X ^^ charge, while reducing the power vortex in the Plaza RL

轮机叶片上的所述A^载荷,这可以^1有利的。 The A ^ load on the turbine blade, which can be advantageous ^ 1. 通常,所述^Rr有:kJt圓形的 Typically, the ^ Rr have: kJt round

从而使得所述塔的所述横截面与所述构造"^具有降PJ^^廓(drag reduction profile)的形状,即大致对称的液滴形,可以获得相当大的风暴载荷的减少, 如^^以构型中所示。所述构造必须以一种方M转i^k^接到塔上,所述方式即其自动^目对于风向进行自定向从而使得所述"滴尖端"指向所im向。 So that the cross section of the column with the structure "PJ ^^ ^ has a lower profile (drag reduction profile) shape, i.e. the droplet shape substantially symmetric, a considerable reduction can be obtained storm loads, such as ^ ^ In the configuration shown in the structure must be in a square M i ^ k ^ turn the tower received a manner that is automatically ^ Head to the wind direction so that the self-oriented "drip tip" points to the im to.

本发明已经结M选实施例加以说明。 The present invention has been closed M alternative embodiments will be described. 可以构思到许多修改而不会由jH^ 离本发明的范畴。 It is contemplated that numerous modifications without the jH ^ scope from the present invention. 对^域的技术人员显而易见的修f文和变化^t认为是属于本发明的范畴。 ^ Field on apparent to those skilled repair f ^ t change the text and considered to be within the scope of the present invention.

附图才射己列表1,101,201 叶片2, 102, 202 根部区域 BRIEF just shot had a list of 101, 201 of the blade 2, 102, 202 root region

3,203 逸度区域 3,203 fugacity area

4,204 翼面区域 4,204 airfoil region

5,205 前缘 5,205 leading edge

6, 206 后缘 6, 206 trailing edge

7 凹坑 7 pits

8 第一区域部分 The first area portion 8

9 第二区域部分 9 The second area portion

10 纵向轴线 10 longitudinal axis

50 絲球体 50 glomerular

51 分离间隙 51 separation gap

52 气流 52 stream

60 带凹坑的3^体 3 ^ 60 pitted

61 分离间隙 61 separation gap

62 气流 62 stream

ai 第一角度 ai first angle

a2 第二角度 a2 second angle

纵向方向 Longitudinal direction

K 弦平面 K chord plane

T 厚度 T Thickness

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