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Publication numberCA2415087 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2415087
PCT numberPCT/NL2001/000483
Publication date31 Jan 2002
Filing date28 Jun 2001
Priority date28 Jun 2000
Also published asCA2415087C, DE60125172D1, DE60125172T2, EP1295032A1, EP1295032B1, US6910867, US20040013512, WO2002008600A1, WO2002008600A8
Publication numberCA 2415087, CA 2415087 A1, CA 2415087A1, CA-A1-2415087, CA2415087 A1, CA2415087A1, PCT/2001/483, PCT/NL/1/000483, PCT/NL/1/00483, PCT/NL/2001/000483, PCT/NL/2001/00483, PCT/NL1/000483, PCT/NL1/00483, PCT/NL1000483, PCT/NL100483, PCT/NL2001/000483, PCT/NL2001/00483, PCT/NL2001000483, PCT/NL200100483
InventorsGustave Paul Corten
ApplicantStichting Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland, Gustave Paul Corten
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Blade of a wind turbine
CA 2415087 A1
A blade of a wind turbine is presented. This blade is provided with a root section for connecting the blade to the shaft or hub of the turbine. The blade also contains a wind-energy-absorbing profile which is optimized for wind flow. The output of the wind turbine is increased by providing the root section with a member that is designed in such a way that the assembly consisting of said member and the root section can absorb wind energy and will increase the overall efficiency of the wind turbine.
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International ClassificationF03D1/06
Cooperative ClassificationF05B2240/30, F05B2240/311, F05B2240/221, F03D1/0641, F05B2260/96, Y02E10/721, F05B2240/32
European ClassificationF03D1/06B6B
Legal Events
10 Jan 2003EEERExamination request